"To help India and other countries become energy independent by exploring all available clean energy solutions. " - Jeruz Energy





  • Industries consume water but also pollute it…
  • In developing countries, 70 % of industrial wastes are dumped without treatment - World Development Report (WDR) of 2003
  • Each liter of wastewater discharged further pollutes about 5-8 litres of water ( CSE , 2004) raising industrial use to 35-50%
  • Wastewater treatment systems are essentially installed only to meet the wastewater discharge norms ( concentration based )
  • Most Industry and housing colonies meets required standards merely by diluting waste water with clean water - This is counter-productive and not a cost-effective solution
  • Sewage generation in India from class-I cities (with a population more than 100,000) and class-II towns (population 50,000-100,000) is estimated at 38,255 MLD, of which only 11,787 MLD (30%) is treated, according to the Faecal Sludge Management report by Water Aid, a safe-water and sanitation advocacy, quoting a 2009 CPCB report.
  • Of the 522 working STPs across India, Operation and maintenance of existing treatment capacity is below par, with 39% plants not conforming to environmental rules for discharge into streams, as per the CPCB's report.
  • An estimated 75% to 80% of water pollution is from domestic sewage (Apartments, Residential complexes, etc), discharged untreated into local water bodies.

Untreated Waste Water is Hazardous to the Environment

Sewage today is complex and one of the most dangerous substances on earth if left UNTREATED. It is full of chemicals ranging from Phosphates to nitrates, fluorides, heavy metals, antibiotics, drugs, hormones from contraceptives and deadly remains of chemotherapy, naturally occurring radiation and other highly carcinogenic substances.

Untreated Wastewater usually contains numerous pathogenic or disease causing micro-organisms and toxic compounds that dwell in the human intestinal track or may be present in certain industrial waste.

A 12 KLD BOOMTUBE FPSTAR Technology in action

AQUATRON BOOMTUBE FPSTAR WATER TREATMENT AND RECOVERY SYSTEM is a product of Jeruz Agro Energy. Jeruz Agro Energy is the commercial wing of Jeruz Agro Energy. Jeruz Agro Energy provides total turnkey solutions for Waste to Energy (most efficient biomethanization process) and Water Recovery (FPSTAR Technology) including feasibility study, sizing, design, supply of equipment, installation/erection, testing, training, operation and maintenance, proactively reducing the carbon footprint while harnessing the immense potential of abundantly available bio resources in an eco-friendly and economical method.

A 12 KLD BOOMTUBE FPSTAR Technology in action

Unlike any other waste water treatment technologies worldwide, AQUATRON BOOMTUBE FPSTAR Waste Water Treatment & Recovery System is built to address every single aspect of modern sewage and designed to produce output of pure drinking water quality (IS::10500 Standards) and Fertilizer (High grade NPK and trace elements rich fertilizer). BoomTube FPSTAR technology is not a Chemical or Biological process and does not use RO technologies to deliver high quality water from polluted water.

AQUATRON BOOMTUBE FPSTAR technology is not just a Sewage Water Treatment System; it is a full-fledged Water Recovery System. AQUATRON BOOMTUBE FPSTAR is one of the finest water treatment and recovery technology using the most modern understanding of molecular physics. This is an universal solution for wasted water recovery.

Powering Life by Enriching Energy

Jeruz Agro Energy Farms Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jeruz Group of Companies Jeruz Agro Energy Farms Pvt. Ltd is a green energy technology company with a goal to use waste and waste water for renewable green energy and fuel production, our focus is resource conservation.

"To help India and other countries become energy independent by exploring all available clean energy solutions.

- Jeruz Energy -